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Ask away my friends




  1. Name: Colores Santos
    Artist: Gustavo Cerati Y Daniel Melero
    Album: Colores Santos


    Gustavo Cerati & Daniel Melero // Colores Santos

     Quizás no es amor lo que me hace buscarte

  2. themusiclibrary:

    Here We Go - Jon Brion

    love the lyrics

    You’ve gotta know that there’s more to this world
    Than what you have seen
    Because we all have a limited view
    Of what we can be.

  3. cronenburgers:

    Before Sunrise, 1995, Richard Linklater

  4. Stop Making Sense (dir. Jonathan Demme — 1984)

    (Source: seijun-suzuki)

  5. songs-about-leaving:

Modest Mouse - A Different City


    Modest Mouse - A Different City

  6. Name: Sick To Death
    Artist: Atari Teenage Riot
    Album: The Future Of War


    Atari Teenage Riot - Sick to Death

  7. Name: Lives
    Artist: Modest Mouse
    Album: The Moon & Antarctica [Reissue]


    If you could be anything you’d be disappointed, am I right.

  8. Nymphomaniac (dir. Lars von Trier, 2013)

    (Source: gifthescreen)

  9. thefilmstage:

    New images from Richard Linklater's intimate epic Boyhood.

    See our interview with the director and star, review, and more here.